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Hve you noticed chino wearing lads can never just go to nandos

It’s always a cheeky nandos

Why is that

Cambridge is full of you.

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Spending time with people whose time at Cambridge mirrors my time in Milan is wonderful. These students have come from all over Europe to spend a year studying here and, as such, have the same joy of experiencing a new country and culture, and the same determination to make their time here as full and enriching as possible, as I had when I arrived bright-eyed and confused in Italy just over a year ago.

Everything to them is fascinating - from the bizarre drinking and fancy dress habits of British students (oops) to the labyrinth of Freshers’ Fair and the fact that there is a society for literally anything (Korfball anyone?) to the mass appreciation of that device that lets you attach your wine to your plate, oh who am I kidding, we all still love those things.

We could all learn an awful lot from these people, from the millions of languages they all seem to know, to their willingness to meet people outside of their current friendship groups from all backgrounds and their refreshing perspective on the wonders of life in the UK and, more specifically, Cambridge. It really is a great place, to the extent that a Belgian Erasmus friend last night asked me how I could possibly say that my year abroad was the best year of my life when Cambridge is my home university. [*cough* workload *cough*]

I hope that I was as inspirational during my intense year of falling around the public transport network.

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i think we all need a little fall magic rn


i think we all need a little fall magic rn

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1)      Third year was amazing, and you will do better not to try and deny this. Just because it’s over doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a positive thing. You are a much better, stronger and happier person than you were before you went, and that kind of thing doesn’t go away just because the semester finishes.

2)      Get plenty of fresh air. Your problems can be at least halved by going for regular walks and bike rides. Exercise and oxygen are scientifically proven to help all of the things.

3)      On that subject: eat well and sleep well. And try not to drink so much wine this year…

4)      Don’t spend too much time in college. So you cottoned onto this one at some point during the spiel of crap that was second year, but remember it please. Recorder ensemble and the Erasmus committee and church and random languages careers fairs in London (woo!) are all necessary to your wellbeing, and the avoiding people you can’t stand thing.

5)      Don’t get too stressed. You probably won’t meet every essay deadline, or get full marks in every assignment, or remember to hand in every grammar exercise, or have time to please everyone. News flash: no one cares if you don’t do everything all at once and all on time, and however hard you try those bitches who know everything (you know who you are, you twisted people) will probably be better than you, but this is fine. Obviously don’t get too relaxed and do nothing, but a couple of substandard essays are not the end of a predicted 2.1, life and all your hopes and dreams.

6)      NO DATING. DATING IS OFF THE TABLE. Do not even look at a boy if there is the slightest chance of you dating him. Cambridge is where dating goes to become the ruination of us all. Even in the event of an Italian boy exeunt (well, exit, I only have one), THERE WILL BE NO CAMBRIDGE DATING. DATING SHOULD BE ILLEGAL IN CAMBRIDGE. Ahem.

7)      It’s only 3 terms. 3 terms of laughing and crying and essays and wine and gowns and complaining and nostalgia and Cindies and reading and also applying for your MA, for that is a thing. You survived second year, you can survive three more terms. You can do anything.

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"Virtually any failure can be a learning curve, and an important step towards your next success."

"Virtually any failure can be a learning curve, and an important step towards your next success."